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We are excited to welcome you to Moms & Me. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a support system for our young girls as they transition from little kids to teenagers, young adults and finally adults. This is a place where moms/aunties mentor young girls as they develop a relationship while having heart to heart conversations during the different phases of a young girl’s life. Moms & Me is a community that is committed to fostering mentor-mentee connection by creating an avenue for us to bond with our girls.
Chioma Ezeocha

Our Founder

Chioma is a passionate advocate for children's rights and has dedicated her life to improving the lives of young individuals around the world. After graduating from college, she started work at Richmond Behavioral Center where she mentored children with special needs. Chioma firmly believes in empowering children and giving them a voice. Chioma has frequently collaborated with local agencies and international organizations to raise awareness for children's causes...
Core Values

Unique Qualities Of Moms & Me

Participate in new learning experiences/activities (enrichment activities)

Receive Quarterly words of encouragement by post

Receive a scrapbook on their 13th birthday


Our Mission

To provide our daughters with the tools and empowerment needed to function as productive adults and citizens within their families and community.
To encourage all moms and daughters to develop a positive relationship with beauty, and to help build their self-esteem so that they can maximise their full potential.
Moms and Me creates a mentor and mentee relationship with girls! We provide young girls with the tools and empowerment needed to function as productive adult citizens within their families & community. Our programs provide opportunities for social emotional learning as we encourage young girls to cater to their mental and physical wellbeing. We believe in supporting our community and encouraging our young girls to make a difference within their communities.

Our Aim

The purpose of Moms&Me is to support each other as moms, nurture our relationships with our daughters, help them thrive as young girls and welcome them into a community of strong women leading by example.

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Events & Accomplishments

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