Executive Team



Chioma is a passionate advocate for children's rights and has dedicated her life to improving the lives of young individuals around the world. After graduating from college, she started work at Richmond Behavioral Center where she mentored children with special needs. Chioma firmly believes in empowering children and giving them a voice. Chioma has frequently collaborated with local agencies and international organizations to raise awareness for children's causes. She is currently employed as a Social Worker with the Maryland Department of Social Services where she has worked for the past 17 years. Chioma is a strong believer that each child is created for a purpose which is what led her to start the non-profit organization, Moms and Me, with the goal to empower young girls to be worthy leaders in the society by maximizing their talents, potentials and opportunities. Chioma lives in Maryland and is married to her husband of over 18 years and their marriage is blessed with four children. She considers her being able to juggle her career and motherhood as her greatest achievement. Her strong reliance on her faith keeps her going despite the obstacles life throws at her.
In her spare time, Chioma enjoys to cook, spending moments with her own family, as she strongly believes in the importance of nurturing and supporting children within their immediate circles. These experiences further fuel her determination to create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive. Through her relentless advocacy, Chioma Ezeocha continues to be a guiding light for children, advocating for their rights, and striving to build a society where every child's potential is realized.


Ola is a Human Resources Benefits Manager for a global international NGO. She writes, produces, and directs stage plays and movies in her spare time. She is a wife to her husband of 19+ years and a mother to two beautiful girls, Gabrielle and Danielle. Ola believes that women should support each other. She believes that supporting another woman's vision or complimenting another woman does not diminish us or make us less relevant. She believes that there is room for all women to thrive. She urges women to not pull each other down and to strive to be the change they want to see.


Nnenna is a married mother of three and a healthcare professional. She obtained her degrees in Pharmacy and Public Health from University Maryland, Baltimore. She currently works in Regulatory Affairs for the US Food and Drug Administration. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling and creating art.


Chioma Kehinde is a Wife, Mother of three beautiful children, Systems Analyst, and owner of Fresh Cleaning Pros and A Touch of Chic Events. She is passionate about ending period poverty and has dedicated her time and resources to educating and fundraising initiatives towards period poverty. She understands that addressing period poverty requires collective action and collaboration. Her company Fresh Cleaning Pros and A Touch of Chic Events has partnered with Moms & Me where a portion of the proceeds from her company goes towards the #EndPeriodPoverty campaign. Her dedication to this cause stems from a profound belief in the importance of menstrual equity and a commitment to empowering individuals who menstruate.